Saitaku Simply Japanese

Sushi Ingredients

Sushi Kit

The Saitaku sushi kit contains everything you need to know about making sushi at home. For beginners this is the best way to find your feet and get to know the basics. The kit contains:

  • sushi rice
  • sushi vinegar
  • soy sauce
  • sushi nori
  • sushi ginger
  • wasabi paste
  • rolling mat
  • chopsticks…

and most importantly a full instruction leaflet with pictures showing how to roll your first ever sushi.

Sushi Rice

Our sushi rice is very high quality short grain Japonica rice. Japonica grain rice differs from other rice such as basmati and Thai fragrant rice because it is more glutinous and slightly sweeter in flavour.

We keep our rice vacuum packed so the rice maintains all its lovely fresh aroma and taste when cooked.

Wasabi Paste

Wasabi is a plant native to Japan and although people think it is a horseradish it is in fact from the watercress family. It only grows in fields adjacent to or in water and is difficult to grow. The roots of the plant are traditionally grated into a paste and served with sushi as a condiment alongside soy sauce and ginger.

Saitaku Wasabi paste is conveniently already prepared into a paste for you. Our paste contains real wasabi root for a fuller flavour and hotter kick!

Sushi Nori

Nori is a type of seaweed and is traditionally grown in the ocean around long ropes. It is harvested from December to March. The first harvests in December produce a rich dark seaweed that is full of nutrients. As the seaweed regrows and there are more cuttings taken the colour becomes lighter and it becomes less flavoursome.

Saitaku nori is taken from the first few harvests which gives our nori a rich dark green colour as well as a delicious flavour.

Sushi Ginger

Sushi ginger, or Gari as its called in Japan, is thinly sliced young ginger that is marinated in vinegar and sugar. The sugar takes away the bitter peppery heat normally present in ginger so it cleans your palate in between sushi dishes. A lot of sushi ginger is artificially coloured pink but ginger is not naturally pink.

Our Saitaku ginger does not use any artificial colouring so it is a natural ginger colour full in flavour with a subtle sweetness


Saitaku mirin is a sweet golden seasoning liquor made from glutinous rice. It is used extensively in Japanese cooking to add flavour and sweetness to sauces, marinades and glazes.

Rice Vinegar

Japanese rice vinegar is very mild and mellow and ranges in colour from colourless to pale yellow. It is made from fermented rice and is mixed with salt and sugar to season cooked sushi rice. It adds a gentle flavour and aroma to the rice prior to rolling sushi and can also be used in salad dressings as well.

The Saitaku rice vinegar is already sweetened so it can be used straightaway to season Saitaku sushi rice.

Sushi Bamboo Rolling Mat

The rolling mat is an essential tool for rolling Sushi Rolls. The Mat is made up of several thin round wooden sticks woven together with string into a flat square mat. Nori is placed on top with rice and fillings and then the mat used to carefully roll the nori around in an even cylindrical shape.

The Saitaku sushi rolling mat is made from fast growing bamboo so friendly to the environment and can be cleaned after each use so it can be used again and again.

Nigiri Sushi

We have developed this wonderful tool to help you make the perfect nigiri sushi every time. Simply place your cooked seasoned sushi rice in the plastic base and press the lid firmly down on top. Then remove the lid and push the molded rice out of the mold using the flaps underneath.

Nothing could be simpler with the Saitaku nigiri maker!

Miso Soup

The Saitaku miso soup is made to traditional methods in Japan and is free from all artificial additives or preservatives and does not contain any MSG! Unlike a lot of miso soup, the Saitaku miso soup is suitable for vegetarians because we don’t use any bonito (fish) flakes in our dashi mixture. However the taste is exceptional and traditional in every way.

Saitaku Sushi Soy Sauce

Our Sushi soy sauce is specifically developed to complement the delicate taste of sushi. It is less salty and has a rounded, slightly sweet taste that doesn’t overpower the delicious fresh fish in your sushi.

It is also naturally brewed to traditional Japanese methods using finest soy beans and wheat.